business writing vs academic writing article

It would be better to start a sentence with a direct saying like “The company lacks...” rather than taking a passive approach with a passive phrase like “What the company may be missing is…”. It’s important to know how and when to use jargon and relevant abbreviations in both styles.

Most business writing is written in second person, but it’s also acceptable to use first or third person in some situations. The main difference between academic writing and other styles of writings is that it is more formal and structured.

That doesn’t mean business writing is informal, just that a lesser degree of formality is required than with academic writing. To write in the academic style, it’s important to put a lot of research or thought into your writing before you start.

Whatever format you are writing in, it’s important to verify if the school or other academic entity (such as a scholarly journal or conference committee) requires or recommends that writers use a certain style, such as APA style, MLA style or Chicago style. Business Writing: Academic Writing: Purpose and Type.

The University of Houston’s Academic Center recently published a good article that delineated key differences: There is one other very significant difference not listed in this article: business writing needs to be clear and concise. Work-related writing targets multiple audiences with different perspectives. Academic writing uses a formal style and typically uses the third person perspective. She holds a B.A. As you imagine, these all require very different writing styles and formats.

Writing assignments students are required to complete in school are academic in nature. There is more flexibility with how information is presented in business documents. An active voice uses action verbs with phrases that are direct and to the point.

The two types of writing do have a few key points in common. book report - brief overview of a particular book; common school assignment, conference paper - papers presented at a scholarly conference; based on research results, dissertation or thesis - formal research paper prepared by graduate students as a requirement for an advanced degree (A thesis is required for many Master’s degree programs while a dissertation is required of Ph.D. Business writing in academic and workplace contexts.

Coming from Engineering cum Human Resource Development background, has over 10 years experience in content developmet and management. Academic writing is formal, often using the third person and passive voice. This means that it is always better to write at length, and students are encouraged by their instructors to write more. Both styles need well-developed ideas that are communicated precisely and clearly. Business writing is necessary for all types of documents used to communicate in professional settings. students. Academic writing and professional writing aren’t completely dissimilar. For any piece of business writing, it’s important that the format and content are appropriate for the subject matter and the intended audience. Proper grammar and punctuation is very important in both forms of communication. This would not be appropriate for an academic document. The main requirement and focus of business writing is clarity. Academic writing also has its own set of rules and structures. The style of business needs to be professional and courteous, but not overly formal. • The purpose of writing in the business world is totally different form that in the academic world. In business writing, you’ll be creating product descriptions, letters, CVs, resumes, emails, invoices and website content, to name a few. ), essay - brief piece written from the author's personal point of view, explication - academic critique of a work of literature or other writing, journal article - article prepared for publication in an academic journal, research paper - class assignment based on secondary or primary research. If you’re part of the business world or are seeking to join it, focus on important business writing skills. Business writers often recommend and support strategic courses of action to their readers.

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