helpfulness as a value article

An integrative approach to assess, Jiang, J., Gretzel, U., & Law, R. (2010). In order to fill this gap, this study attempts to use the helpfulness of reviews and reviewers as moderators to predict box office revenue, comparing the prediction performances of business intelligence (BI) methods (random forest, decision trees using boosting, the k-nearest neighbor method, discriminant analysis) using eWOM between high and low review or reviewer helpfulness subsample in the Korean movie market scrawled from the Naver Movies website. >>

/Length1 326724 /FontWeight 700 The goal of our study is to bridge the gap in previous studies on the use of the helpfulness of reviews and reviewers as a moderator influencing the aforementioned prediction performance by conducting a subsample analysis of movies with high and low review or reviewer helpfulness levels.

Decis Support Syst 97:92–103, Yu X, Liu Y, Huang JX, An A (2012) Mining online reviews for predicting sales performance: a case study in the movie domain. /XHeight 250 /Type /FontDescriptor

The present study contributes to the ever growing literature on on-line reviews by showing that readability tests demonstrate a directional relationship with average length reviews and their helpfulness and that this relationship holds both for moderate and extreme review scores. What is the Right Age to Give My Kid a Smartphone?

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Newark: International Reading Association. She is well regarded for her teaching and writing and has worked in government and community services in a range of management and direct service roles. 42 0 obj /MaxWidth 2614 When performed for individual gain this type of behavior can easily become a vice.

Think of your value statements as guiding principles for how you’ll accomplish what you need to get done. By using Random Forest-based classifiers, we show that we can accurately predict the impact of reviews on sales and their perceived usefulness. 36 0 obj manually. For random forest and decision tree methods using boosting, 10 different learner models are combined to test the ability of this strategy to predict box office revenue.

Lastly, how design tools for circularity incorporate consumption and consumers considerations that can help them create solutions that have a user perspective?

/Filter /FlateDecode The treatment is surgical and there are many techniques for its correction.

TRI enlarges the representation capacity of star ratings while enhancing the influence of rating information on review texts. Tables 3–8 present the multiple regression analysis results using the six eWOM variables of the average number of reviews, average review rating, average review extremity level, average length of a review in words, average number of emotional reviews, and average number of positive reviews. 1. %���� For instance, social reference systems, such as Facebook “likes” (FBLs), enhance sales in social commerce, leading to variations across products and deals (Lee et al., 2015). Our study considers each movie as a unit of analysis and provides an average review of reviewer helpfulness for each movie. Papers 2 and 6 focus on consumer acceptance factors for two product categories, clothes and toys while paper 3 addresses conditions and processes of adoption for a circular practice, clothes swapping, using a social practice perspective. Purpose

However, such reviews are rated more informative (or helpful) by other users. BizSpring Inc., Kim T, Hong J, Kang P (2015) Box office forecasting using machine learning algorithms based on SNS data. The subsamples with 881, 505, 368, and 578 movies were correspondingly divided into 30, 34, 37, and 29 subsets with 30, 15, 10, and 30 movies, respectively. In this updated and expanded edition of "Groundswell", featuring an all new introduction and chapters on Twitter and social media integration, you'll learn to: Evaluate new social technologies as they emerge; Determine how different groups of consumers are participating in social technology arenas; Apply a four-step process for formulating your future strategy; and, Build social technologies into your business.

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