how to help your child with friendships essay

According to Ladd and colleagues, friendship affects school’s attitudes and performance. As cited in Niffenegger J & Willer L (1998), Selman (1981) suggested that by age 4 most children begin to form friendships as they interact with others. Friendship is an important aspect of life for young children.
In this Essay on Friendship will Discuss the importance of friendship. Be an “emotion coach.” Everybody has negative emotions and selfish impulses. 677. Kohlberg put forward the following cognitive processes that create and maintain such regularity: “I am a boy, therefore I want to do boy things ( and to gain approval for doing them) is rewarding” (Kohlberg, 1966,p.89) – cited in Socio Cognitive Perspective on Gender pg. They learn the give and take of social behavior. These theories differ on several important dimensions. These essays will also guide you to learn about the meaning, importance and types of friendship. A major aspect of cognitive theories of gender is the emphasis on developmental changes in understanding gender. There are consequences to the recognition.

To some extent, there are differences in Girls’ and boys’ friendships. Dishion, Spracklen, & Patterson, 1996) reported that pairs of friends, mostly of the same sex, influence each other. Secondly, the newly acquired gender knowledge is further strengthened in a rigid either-or fashion, reaching its peak of rigidity between 5 and 7 years. Lobel & Menashri (1993) suggested that the differences between children in toy preference behaviour are related to their understanding about cross-gender transgressions, a view supported by Carter & Levy (1988)- cited in Jacklin A and Lacey C (1997). According to Maccoby, 1998, there is a striking tendency in children to segregate by sex when they choose play partners. According to Dunn & Cutting, 1999, cooperative shared pretend play, low frequency of conflict, and successful communications between preschool friends are correlated to Theory-of-mind abilities. The early learning of gender and stereotyping which appears first, very rigid ( that only boys or only girls can do or be something), follows by more flexible, realistic beliefs ( that either sex can do almost anything). Children are skillful in using these cues to form expectations about people and to develop personal standards for behavior. As stated by Bandura, 1997; Schunk, 1987, children model and adopt styles of conduct and serve as comparative references for evaluation and validation of personal worth. Children with friends have a greater sense of well-being, better self-esteem and fewer social problems as an adult. However, at the age of 3 and 5 they began to identify with the same-sex parent. According to Martin & Halverson, 1981, children’s ability to identify themselves and others as males or females, is necessary for gender schema development. This depended on the child’s ability to share an imaginative world with another, to read the intention of their friend and understanding the way their friend behave. They both feel immense care and love for each other. Children tend to exaggerate male-female differences, even if none exist. Firstly, during toddler and preschool years, children begin to learn about gender-related characteristics.

Children begin to establish contacts with peers and to develop the fundamentals for play behavior. However, it does not mean that the girls’ interactions are conflict free, but rather that they pursue their individual goals and yet strive to maintain harmony. But there are ways we can help our children navigate friendships, become more confident and help to build and develop their social skills.
Friendships are ever so important in helping children develop emotionally and socially. There is however, little empirical evidence to support psychoanalytic theory. Find out how you can help by teaching skills for opening up and bonding with peers. Experimental research also suggests that young children are quick to conclude about sex differences base on one single instance. Playtime interactions amongst boys involve rough-and-tumble play, each striving to achieve dominance.

Cited in Bandura A & Bussey K (1999), peer groups become another agency of gender development as children social worlds expand beyond homes. The second approach to … Reference this. Hartup, 1992, concluded that children are better off with having friends than without.

(cited in Dunn J, Cutting A & Fisher N (2002). Children are careful in their choice of gender-appropriate toy when other children are present ( Serbin, Conner, Burchardt, & Citron, 1979). Costin and Jones, 1992, suggested that friendships aid in facilitating emotional responsiveness and pro social interventions. Friendship is a bond which knows no bounds. Friendship is doing your best to make your friend happy. Burleson & Samter (1990) stated that friendships can change over the course of childhood and adolescence. Lamb, Easterbrooks, & Holden 1980 also concluded that children would reward each other for gender appropriate activities and punish inappropriate gender conducts. Being able to understand when and why friends are distraught or feeling angry, and what would comfort and cheer them plays a central part in friendships. Children recognize that there are two gender groups and that they belong to one of them.

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