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It’s the story of a unique band of counter-terrorist fighters named the Selous Scouts…for anyone interested Google them. Simply enter your first name and email address in the opt-in form on this page for FREE INSTANT ACCESS. the book i am working is a action, adventure, murder, Motorcycle club book, one of two, as i have a sequal for it. Poets don’t have agents. Hello, Hello, I’m currently writing several books. These are 25 of the top picture book agents representing picture book writers and picture book authors, based on the number of significant book deals they’ve reported for picture books. Try again with a different agent and never ask them a question that you can Google. Thank you! These are real Cats. Hannah VanVels represents YA, Middle Grade and Picture Books. Understood, thanks. 1. See agent bios and contact info for the top fiction publishing agents above, and all other fiction book agents. my website freaky, Hello, I am a Canadian author.

But don’t change the author name.

I may not be a bestselling author, but I’ve made money, and I have the satisfaction of knowing that I’ve produced more than two dozen books that I’m very proud of, and that the good ratings and reviews my books have received have proven that maybe those 250+ agents who have rejected me most of my life were actually wrong . Here are four new agents seeking writers. In that regard, you can consider the following picture book agents some of the best picture book literary agents. In that regard, you can consider the following crime fiction publishing agents some of the best book agents representing crime novelists. Hi my name is Valerie Goodman and I would like to know who would be the best person to represent me as well as get me a great offer on my story. I am able to translate these 28 books into any language in order to get a border audience and I am able to create movie scripts and presentations for each book in order to cross over from not just doing novels, but also movies, because in that industry there is billions of dollars to be made and producers are also looking for new movie ideas.
No, sorry, don’t have a list for playwrights. But nothing compares to consulting with someone experienced who can help you see your unique opportunities (and trouble spots) for your unique book and situation. Depending on the unique nature of your book, the promotional efforts of your publisher, and other factors, it might make sense for you to promote you book in different ways than someone else. But some agents who have been in the business for years get north of 10,000 queries a year, and only sign 1 or 2 clients. See agent bios and contact info for the top historical fiction publishing agents above, and all other publishing agents accepting historical novels. Gill McLay (Bath Literary Agency, (UK) is interested in children’s books. Lighthouse Prometheus combines the action of an adventure story with the mystery of a psychological—perhaps even a philosophical—thriller: One man’s quest to learn what lies beneath a devotion as old as mankind. Please reach out or if possible connect me with someone interested. – Best Literary Agents Article Series. He has seven days. who would be the best person to send it yo off this list?

Prepare an individual submission letter for each one based on a basic template that gives the pertinent info on your project but addresses one specific agent’s preferences. Not every agent reps every type of manuscript.

My book is ready to be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Along with your query letter, include a plot synopsis and the first ten pages of the novel into the email. He passed away a year ago and I inherited 70 years of all kinds of literature.

Click here to enter our FREE Literary Agent Directorywith instant access to more than 1,300 agent profiles. I look forward to hearing from you and seeing if these works are something we can team up on to go to print and eventually, screen. Click here now to see the100 Top Literary Agencies. Christina Clifford (Union Literary) is looking for literary fiction and narrative nonfiction in the genres of historical biography, memoir, business, and science. Freelance Writers: How Much Should You Charge? You see, I am old school and love traditional action and adventure and traditional fantasy and scifi. It reveals the best nonfiction literary agents for all sub-genres such as business, memoir, and self-help.
Look for agents looking for supernatural or magical realism — if either of those fit. If you pay to go to a conference, you might get some face-to-face time after a seminar or session. Write what is to be unforgettable else you will be forgotten. See agent bios and contact info for the top self-help publishing agents above, and all other publishing agents seeking self-help books and self-help authors. Agents may switch agencies or close their lists, and submission requirements may change. Thanks. These are 25 of the top middle grade book agents representing MG writers and MG authors, based on the number of significant book deals they’ve reported for MG books. I will forward the link to my class however in case any of my classmates have manuscripts closer to the lengths needed to submit to them.

If you’re going to hire a publicist, shop around. Many publicists are hired for multiple months (minimum) with a monthly cost of thousands of dollars. As always, every form and genre is represented. Literary agents help writers find publishers, as well as negotiate the deal and sales of the book.

See agent bios and contact info for the top sci-fi publishing agents above, and all other publishing agents seeking science fiction novels. Updated 3/19/20 These publishers accept manuscripts directly from writers.

I recently completed a powerful novel set in Southern Rhodesia { Zimbabwe} It is based on true events that occured over two decades as the Rhodesian Security Forces battled guerilla fighters loyal to powerful black political leaders. This is a really good thing. Copy and paste the first ten pages of your manuscript, along with a query letter, directly into the email.

Simply enter your first name and email address in the opt-in form on this page for FREE INSTANT ACCESS. Virtually all agents charge 15% of whatever they manage to sell for you. I am a new author. Due to my experiences, I had an identity crisis, where I felt that I needed to hide my sexual orientation. She’s also intrigued by YA, especially stories that confront important issues common in the age group. These are 25 of the top book agents for historical fiction representing historical fiction writers and historical fiction authors, based on the number of significant book deals they’ve reported for historical fiction and historical novels. The book agents below are the top nonfiction literary agents based on sales for many of the most popular nonfiction book sub-genres. All of these are paying markets, and none charge submission fees.

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