notecards help you when researching because they keep your

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It wasn’t just that the author based her writing on research done through the Internet.

Was it Masoff for using untrustworthy sources for her research?, Fahrenheit 911—Movie. A clean, well-presented paper does not always indicate accuracy, but usually at least means more eyes have been on the information. Some sort of graphic organizer? Go and reread all of your sources, because there’s a chance that you misinterpreted what they’re saying. Authority is the source of the information—the author’s purpose and what their credentials and/or affiliations are.

It may be necessary to read through all of these sections in order to get a “big picture” understanding of the information being discussed or it may be better to concentrate only on the areas that relate most closely to your own research. What organization or body published the information? Otherwise, you might miss out on some fascinating pieces of information and end up with a poor understanding of your topic. For example, at Start-Up Loans, we used Facebook to promote a poll we were doing to see what our entrepreneurs thought about the value of Europe to their businesses.

Facebook updates, tweets, wikis, and blogs have made information creators of us all and have a strong influence not just on how we communicate with each other but also on how we learn about current events or discover items of interest. Is your author an expert on the subject? That’s why you need to use some Google Search Operators to get the most out of your Google searches. How do you know?

Biased: Those surveyed who are African American responded similarly to those who reported being White. “Breadwinner Mothers: The Rest of the Story.” The Foundry Conservative Policy News Blog, June 3, 2013., Baker, Katie J.M., CC BY-NC-SA: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike, The information and data landscape of their learning/research context, Issues of quality, accuracy, relevance, bias, reputation and credibility relating to information and data sources, How information is evaluated and published, to help inform their personal evaluation process, The importance of consistency in data collection, The importance of citation in their learning/research context, Distinguish between different information resources and the information they provide, Choose suitable material on their search topic, using appropriate criteria, Assess the quality, accuracy, relevance, bias, reputation and credibility of the information resources found, Assess the credibility of the data gathered, Read critically, identifying key points and arguments, Relate the information found to the original search strategy, Critically appraise and evaluate their own findings and those of others. Understanding what resources are most applicable to your subject and why they are applicable can help you focus and refine your thesis.

Most of the time, if your source is a book or an entire website, it will be divided into sections that each cover a particular aspect of the overall topic. “The Codes That Need to Be Broken.” New York Times, January 26, 2011,, Sheffield, Rachel. The first section of this chapter will talk about some of the ideas and concepts behind evaluating sources (the abilities in the above list), while the second section will give you the opportunity to put your evaluation skills into practice. Why do you think this information was created? Try searching Google with a variety of search terms and Google Search Operators. They are acting as disruptors in their sector, forcing change to create clear water between themselves and the rest of the pack.
This content is brought to you by Guardian Professional. This is becoming less true as books are published in a wider variety of formats and via a wider variety of venues than in previous eras, which is something to be aware of when using a book for research purposes. You can investigate the reputation of an author by looking at any biographical information that is available as part of the source. You should also save any PDF’s or images related to your research because you can use them as valuable primary sources.

Now what? Introductory sections can include background information on why the topic was chosen, background on the author’s interest in the topic, context pertaining to why the topic is important, or the lens through which the topic will be explored.
Does the source have an obvious bias or prejudice? Being able to understand and apply the concepts that follow is crucial to becoming a more savvy user and creator of information. Bias can be difficult to detect, particularly when we are looking at persuasive sources that we want to agree with. Also, the conventional wisdom for books is that anyone can write one, but only the best ones get published. Nothing better inspires forward motion in a research project than having to meet a deadline, whether it’s set by a professor, an advisor, a publisher, or yourself. Keep your eye on what's going on, and how your customers needs are changing. Obviously, your customers are the ones buying from your business. But if you’re publishing a blog post or writing an essay, you need to be able to double-check and cite all of your sources. Whichever end of the spectrum you most closely identify with, here are a few ideas about the ever-important skill of knowing when to stop. Everybody always says that knowing your market is everything. How to Organize a Research Paper using Notecards. Can you tell from the citations if the sources used were credible? The language may be more emotional or dramatic than the factual tone of news articles, but the articles are written at a similar reading level so as to appeal to the widest audience possible.

There are businesses starting every day – we start 40 a day ourselves. How high up it appears on the results list when you search may be another. The following section will help you put source evaluation into perspective using something called the CRAAP test. What qualifies the author to write about this topic? Social media is a quickly rising star in the landscape of information gathering. There are different types of introductions, including forewords and prefaces that may be written by the author of the book or by someone else with knowledge of the subject. Was it the school board for approving the book without more closely reviewing its accuracy?

Information on the Internet can also be of a high quality but there is less of a quality assurance process in place for much of that information. When evaluating the currency of an article, consider the following, Assessing currency means understanding the importance of timely information. Join 250,000 subscribers and get a daily digest of news, comics, trivia, reviews, and more. The reputation of a publication can also be investigated through reviews, word-of-mouth by professionals in the field, or online databases that keep track of statistics related to a journal’s credibility. Let’s say that you’re researching an author, like Mark Twain.

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