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To win a contract, you must create a dazzling book proposal -- a 10-page document that demonstrates your expertise, your ability to write simultaneously to a Harvard Ph.D. and the pimply kid slinging burgers at Wendy’s, your skill in smearing a patina of innovation over crass imitation, and your firm, unbiased belief that the book will enhance the publisher’s reputation as a leading-edge moneymaker. While college English courses encompass a number of topics and themes, all of them involve a greater workload of essays, more class involvement through discussions, and rigorous training in the arts of revision and critical reading. I’ll have to rewrite my notes!” Others demand 10 crucial revisions. ÁBÈbsQ8lÁaÄó™�t½ å+Uàt*N… Ü]Wo÷›[@ôUA—ôè„w^µÜ!ïıÜøOg+ê¨s|]‹U—ºMn“Ïâ÷¢‚zjı�5¿£¼ÌãE}>õ!¬ÅĞš«ÕÓ‹ÃL8J&=VhĞ´´»AMœŞ"oKÅuÛMYróNíö‹ã‹6K—¡Tòä”8|á”n0�ôÿzÌ‚‡PAòüéño/b'ÕU꽺\½“ö™¯ÙmÔayù�–PìZ¾,-­4ZÒğüu†«É„ø}q›1V¤¸ˆ%`4øB(8®÷�ªîIv_–”'3Y ›ü׸À3¸X˜¯ÙW ÷š}4Yo®(Òb×gíÙOĞf§ÑC£×j^¸ƒµ«»¶ü,YÀyr‰Ä€‚ğ€¸‰3×nö]îD½¯‰�i×î^½…¡0ô08¾yò½¢Üîuù°Íu€÷û�8Y"'#ÂğU�H€�Ķ5+“’%¨Ùmömµı_^¿�‚Pú#ˆ ¯ü×Âû„±Ìl5aç㪠/ã‹'ç—ÜÇ D¨ÖìË×{�>Ù`©Ø¿KM’e½WağÒè�º¿õ|‡u¨NmeU€EœK Š{ Your allotted absences are like "sick days"; once you run out of them, you will be docked the same way you would be if you didn't show up for work.

It’s mine to sell!

She offered to pay me to write her secret plan -- subtly -- so Kinko’s could not steal her idea. I’ll just cackle, heft my book, and sigh, “Let’s see how this dead fish smells this year.”. She taught creative writing and composition at West Virginia University and the University of Akron and her fiction, poetry and essays have appeared in numerous literary journals. Then life picks up exactly where you left it two minutes earlier. About a month after publication, I received a postcard from an Ohio professor. That opens the door for you to become one of their mistakes. Potential writing majors should keep in mind the conventional advice about selecting a college and program. Professors want intellectual complexity and vocabulary that announces, “This is college, ladies and gentlemen.” They want you to sound like The New York Review of … In my own classes, students say, “You wrote this?” glancing from me to the book, which I take to mean, “The book’s OK, but how did this guy write it?” One student who asked me to autograph the book whispered to his friend, “I bet I’ll get more for it at buyback if it’s signed.”. Then I learned Rule #11: Stealing is a matter of perspective. It means men must be. I fixed the errors and was grateful she took the time to notify me. Professors want intellectual complexity and vocabulary that announces, “This is college, ladies and gentlemen.” They want you to sound like The New York Review of Books, PBS, and Joan Didion. But if you say the old ideas in a new-wave style or have friends on textbook-adoption committees, you may be asked to do a second edition. You’re so sick of the book, you can’t bear to read it. sider this class as a gift and make the most of it. Yes they were. Rule #10: Fame is all it’s cracked up to be and less. Importance of Article Writing. Writing Requirements. This chapter is designed to introduce you to what academic writing is like, and hopefully ease your transition as you face these daunting writing challenges. Over the next year and a half I received three more “Aha!” postcards from Ohio. After reading the first chapters, a student in Oregon wrote a bulky letter to tell me that I understood her and was the teacher-guru she had searched for all her life. Therefore, failure to regularly attend class and contribute can seriously damage your final grade or result in your being withdrawn from the class without receiving credit. Rule #8: Smash your hand only into soft objects. I also received a call from a woman who wanted my help writing a business proposal to Kinko’s that, she claimed, would generate $4-billion in new sales. You caress it, sniff its newness, crack the spine. Direct your proposal and several chapters to acquisitions editors.

So when a publisher offers a contract and promises strong promotion, fame, and early retirement, be wary.

Simply blend a teaspoon of originality into a bucket of the same old thing. Sadly, many authors with contracts do not finish their books.

Most college English classes, however, allow students only a certain number of absences. M. Garrett Bauman is a professor of English at Monroe Community College (N.Y.) and the author of Ideas and Details: A Guide to College Writing (Harcourt, 2003). Many instructors also hold students accountable for reading by using pop quizzes or other evaluations. Keep in mind that publishers adhere to the same ratio of 10-percent truth and 90-percent fantasy. She wondered what would be a good time to arrive at my office. By understanding Rule #3: A book proposal delicately balances truth and expectation: 10-percent truth, 90-percent fantasy. When colleagues hear you’re doing a new edition, some groan, “All the pages will change! Participation is often factored into grading as well. But I felt nervous. In high school, class attendance is expected but often does not have a direct impact on student grades. “Just tell them enough to tweak their interest,” she said. While you may have had to write short papers in high school, you can expect to produce longer, more detailed essays in college. In high school, much of the writing students do is personal and informal.

Are you ever dissatisfied with your textbooks -- those awkward, overloaded wheelbarrows of information that wobble off course every few pages?

You will be expected to include evidence from credible sources and use direct quotes, paraphrasing and summaries of sources. Higher prices mean more incentive to buy and sell used books. A strong application essay can boost a student's chances of being admitted to a college. Which explains why article writing is an important skill which needs to be developed. Finally the big day!

Kori Morgan holds a Bachelor of Arts in professional writing and a Master of Fine Arts in creative writing and has been crafting online and print educational materials since 2006. Rule #5: Reviewers always suggest 50 pages of new ideas and insist the book be shorter. The bookstore marks it up 25 percent to $62.50 (the author gets, say, 15 percent of $50, or $7.50).

The publisher raises prices. http://chronicle.com Section: The Chronicle Review Volume 49, Issue 43, Page B5, Leadership Outlook: The Academic Workforce.

In general, create the impression that you’re full of enthusiasm, creativity, and energy yet also wise, conservative, and experienced -- in other words that you’re both edgy and safe. Those people work hard to fill gaps in their catalogs, anticipate new trends, and save their butts. Imitate top-selling texts shamelessly. In comfortable anonymity, reviewers announce they liked everything about your book except its main premise. Sure, some reviewers sniffed, “Maybe it’s OK at a community college, but we would never use it here” -- meaning at a place of higher education. In composition studies, an article is a short work of nonfiction that typically appears in a magazine or newspaper or on a website. Rule #9: Consistency always outranks creativity. You must promote your book -- with dignity if sales are good, shamelessly if not. Students want simplified, clear, and entertaining texts; to reach an average student, your style must compete with the local newspaper, Saturday Night Live, and Puff Daddy.

In high school, English classes often involve worksheets, vocabulary lists, grammar and generally less accountability to course policies.

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