writing in the active voice will allow you to essay

The reader is able to quickly grasp what you’re going for without having to determine just what the sentence is about. With passive voice, the subject is acted upon by the verb. Passive voice, on the other hand, reverses the word order to make the object and the action come first. The emphasis changes to the object of the sentence, or the thing that is acted upon, and often removes the subject entirely. Many high schools stress that students avoid passive voice altogether, but this is a rule that can be bent based on your situation. The school’s admissions department has thousands of essays to get through and while you may not want to go for “simple writing,” you definitely want to go for easily understandable. The sentence structure can also seem unwieldy because it's not immediately obvious who is performing the action. Blake’s classmates applauded as he received his award. © PaysonLibrary.com. If the answer isn't already in your sentence, you have likely written in passive voice. With how wordy you can get with a passive voice, you could easily reach that limit without being able to fit in your entire story or point of the essay. Underline the verb. Helping Students Find Their Writer’s Voice. are registered trademarks of College Raptor, Inc. brainstorm to determine just what they want to write about, essays tend to be about personal experiences. Active voice is most often reserved for non-scientific writing. Active voice is considered me concise than passive voice because it takes fewer words to express an action. Writing in the active voice means constructing sentences where the subject “acts”: I threw the ball. Question. additional examples of active and passive voice. You also tend to have a word limit to your college application. Writing in active voice creates a clear image in the reader's mind of who is doing what. Active voice allows your college application essay to be clear from start to finish. All Rights Reserved, change some passive sentences to active ones. Passive: The flowers were trampled by the dog. Get Deserve EDU, the credit card designed for students, Find your passion and design your career path with PathwayU. Get your essay done my an expert from professional essay writing service since 2000. Our business plan indicates that we want to expand in the next few years. Active voice is used for most non-scientific writing.

Rating. The big cake was baked by Sam. Log in for more information. Ends soon! Updated 8 minutes 5 seconds ago|10/3/2020 4:19:50 PM. How To Be An Active Participant During Your College Visit. VI. College essays tend to be about personal experiences. Passive voice can become long-winded, vague, and wordy. When you use the active voice in your essay, it makes every meaning clear for the reader. Using active voice in your writing means that the subject of the sentence comes first and performs the action that the rest of the sentence describes. Active: The police chief will conduct a thorough investigation. Compare it to: In the above example, there are fewer words required to communicate the same idea as the first sentence. You understand what the sentence is about right at the beginning and can quickly form the rest of the sentence around the subject. Application. Writing in the active voice will allow you to write more lively sentences. Active voice is most often reserved for non-scientific writing. The Top 25 Best Rural Hidden Gem Colleges | 202... How To Make The Most Out Of Online Class Benefits, Social Media Mistakes High School Students Make, 3 Summer College Prep Mistakes High Schoolers Make. New answers.

Sentences written in an active voice flow better and are easier to understand. In other words, the subject performs whatever action the verb is describing. Active also tends to be very clear. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. Knowing when to use active and passive voice comes with practice. Your email address will not be published. 2. Passive voice can be required sometimes but only because it served a purpose.

This is not as concise as it could be because it is passive.

This makes your writing much easier to understand, which is why strong writers prefer the active voice. You are making too much noise. Active: The volunteers counted the ballots.

The school’s admissions department has thousands of essays to get through and while you may not want to go for “simple writing,” you definitely want to go for easily understandable. In fact, sentences constructed in the active voice add impact to your writing. article that offers helpful grammar hacks. For example: The ball was thrown to John.

Even in scientific writing, too much use of passive voice can cloud the meaning of your sentences. Active: Robert committed a serious crime.

Don’t worry! Another point of essay writing. Businesses, politicians, and other official outlets often use passive voice to soften a negative sentence or to deflect blame. Active: I’m proud to say I changed the tire…by zombies. Use the active voice to escape the zombies.

There’s no question as to what the sentence is exactly about, making it much easier to read from start to finish. When you use the active voice in your essay, it makes every meaning clear for the reader. Apply today for the $2,500 College Raptor Scholarship. Passive voice puts the subject at the end of the sentence, which tends to obscure who is performing the action in your sentence. 5. An example of a passive voice is: Sentence 1: … By Ali Hale. This is an example of the active voice because, again, the subject of the sentence is performing the action. If you’re ever confused about whether or not you’re using the active voice, use the “By Zombies” trick. While it's true that active voice adds punch to your writing, you may sometimes want to use the passive voice to minimize the impact of your sentence or to add some variety to a longer piece to avoid repetition. The Valentine card was made by Pred. Search for an answer or ask Weegy.

Most people talk and write in active voice every day, making it easily understandable and much nicer on the eyes. If you are goinf to do homework online, you should consult professional services at first.

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