writing skills: a personal narrative penn foster coursework

Instructions on where to send your transcripts will be provided during the enrollment process. Can you help me with the Penn Foster Writing Skills Writing Assignment? This course covers the principles of marketing. Connect with Penn Foster on various social media sites. The Vet Tech Program gives you the flexibility to choose how you want your textbooks. Clear transitions are present between sentences as well as between paragraphs. Keep the listed criteria in mind when completing your final revisions.

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Analyze the different methods and principles required for effective public speaking, Point out the principles, methods, and skills required to rehearse and deliver effective public speaking, Prepare and record a narrative or speech on personal experience, Prepare and record an informative podcast for a website, Create and record an infomercial by using one of the mentioned methods, Prepare and present a motivational or reasoning speech to persuade your audience, Develop a speech by using key information delivery of a speech, Demonstrate job-specific technical and professional skills, Point out how money management skills are applied to personal financial goals and plans, Develop a plan for saving, protecting, and managing financial assets and debt, Prepare strategies for consumer and housing purchases, Categorize the different types of investments that suits your financial goals, Formulate a will, a trust, and an estate plan, Demonstrate an understanding of the liberal arts, natural sciences, and social science, Analyze the causes of inequality in a society and the methods of tackling them, Point out the social issues related to the social institutions and the methods of prevention, Categorize the problems associated with our social and physical worlds and the ways of improvement, Prepare an integrated paper on your findings on your own personal and cultural influences, Prepare a paper on your experience after attending one to two cultural events or activities, Prepare an integrated paper on the findings on recommended improvements facilitated in a cross-cultural community, Analyze the fundamentals of organizational behavior, culture, and individuality, Differentiate between the stages of perception, attribution, stress management, motivation, and engagement, Point out the methods of fostering creativity, innovation, and decision making, Distinguish between the concepts of effective communication, group making, and team development, Categorize the elements of conflict, negotiation, and leadership, Analyze the structure of organizational working and its associated elements, Prepare a report on emotional labor perspectives at various workplaces by utilizing your findings, Explain the components of Microsoft Access 2016, Construct an inventory database using Microsoft Access, Add to PowerPoint using Word, Excel, and other data, Create a PowerPoint presentation including an outline, video file presentation, table of statistics, and spreadsheet, Combine Word, Access, and Excel to integrate documents and information, Develop a one-table database with client information, a letter that integrates an Excel spreadsheet and Access merge fields, and final merge documents, Produce a database, spreadsheet, mail merge letter, and presentation for a promotional event, Demonstrate effective written and interpersonal skills, Demonstrative effective quantitative skills, Analyze the sources and structure of the U.S. legal system, and the business laws and organizations, Point out the purpose, requirements, and criteria needed for contracts, Distinguish between real and personal property and the relationship between principal and agent, Analyze the principles of sales, goods, and services and laws by UCC that governs them, Distinguish between the role of insurance, transactions, and bankruptcy in business law, Create a case brief by following the instructions and procedure, Prepare a written memorandum by applying your knowledge and following the instructions, Explain the role of nutrition, preventative healthcare, and integrated medicine in veterinary practice, Explain animal food regulations, types of food and their contents, and food diets, Develop preventative healthcare and life stage guidelines for dogs and cats, Discuss integrative medicine fundamentals for animals, Discuss preventative and integrative medicine practices for birds, small mammals, and horses, Analyze the importance of teambuilding, human resource, and ethical and legal considerations in veterinary practices, Point out the appropriate design, technology, diagnostic laboratory, and marketing strategies required in veterinary practices, Analyze the methods to ensure an efficient and compassionate communication process with clients, Categorize the various intricacies involved in managing appointments, records, inventory, logs, and controlled substances, Point out the importance of pet health insurance in veterinary practice and safety at workplace, Categorize the various clinical assistance procedures and the calculations and conversions related to veterinary practices, Prepare correct responses for each of the questions mentioned in your project, Describe veterinary evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment practices of endocrine, musculoskeletal, neurological, and circulatory systems' diseases, Analyze diagnostic procedures and treatment for respiratory, hematology, gastrointestinal, and liver diseases, Explain various diagnostic tests and treatment for urinary, renal, and infectious diseases, Explain best practices for pain management, diagnostic procedures, use of equipment, and the role of vaccines, Analyze various canine and feline diseases and how to communicate these conditions to clients, Explain the role of OSHA regulations and other environmental safety issues in veterinary practice, Describe the regulations and protocols related to chemical safety in veterinary practice, Explain the regulations and protocols related to personal safety in veterinary practice, Develop a safety plan for a specific type of veterinary practice, Analyze the fundamentals of four major approaches to leadership, Point out the intricacies of path-goal theory, leader-member theory, and transformational leadership theory, Categorize various principles of advanced leadership as well as the importance of moral and ethics in leadership and followership, Analyze the role of leadership involving with gender, culture, and globalization, Prepare responses to the essay questions about your results from the Leadership Behavior Questionnaire, Discuss critical thinking skills, monitoring techniques, and types of intravenous catheters, Discuss assessment and treatments involving the basic elements of life, Discuss key aspects and techniques in wound management, Discuss how to assess and manage emergencies, traumas, and CPR best practices, Discuss care and nursing of hematologic, cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal, and endocrine emergencies, Discuss care and nursing of urologic, reproductive, ocular, and neurologic emergencies, Discuss toxicological, exotic animal emergencies, and office management, Analyze case studies for developing diagnostic and treatment planning for an animal emergency, Describe the elements of human resource management, including labor considerations, regulation, and management of workflow, Explain how companies should prepare for and implement HRM to hire new employees and create training programs, Identify the aspects of employee, career, and turnover management, Summarize how employees are paid, including legal requirements, performance-based pay, commissions, salaries, and benefits, Describe other HRM functions including collective bargaining, labor relations, global HRM, and building a high-performance organization, Analyze marketing plans, strategies and the aids needed to catalyze it, Analyze the foundation of the marketing model and its emergence, Point out the targeted strategies and plans in marketing and globalization, Formulate a plan of valuing production, innovation, and product marketing, Develop the valuing strategies for products and services in marketing, Categorize the strategies for supply chain management and retailing, Distinguish between the various domains under IMC strategies, Design a marketing plan for an existing business, Describe pre-anesthetic workup protocols, dosage calculations, record-keeping, anesthesia preparation, and equipment, Discuss monitoring anesthetic patients and various drugs related to anesthesia, Discuss anesthesia recovery and anesthesia for patients with various complications, Explain the use of anesthesia for sick, pediatric, and geriatric animals, Explain anesthesia for emergency care patients, Discuss pain management and anesthesia for equines and ruminants, Develop an anesthesia and perioperative surgical care plan for a dog diagnosed with GDV, Categorize ethics and perspectives pertaining to business and decision making, Distinguish between the norms of corporate culture and the corporate social responsibilities, Analyze the various employer and employee responsibilities, the issues of technological capabilities, and ethical marketing, Point out the impact of ethical corporate governance on corporate sustainability and conflicts of interest, Prepare a report on business ethical decision in veterinary practice by utilizing your findings, Demonstrate the knowledge gained throughout your program for Veterinary Technician Specialist or Certified Practice Manager career.

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